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Four poor boys set off to compete for the favour of the beautiful princess. But her unyielding father, the king, will allow only that man to have his daughter for a wife who brings her the emerald ring of the …

Mystery in the Doll House

Rejtély a babaházban

Lisette Black the wonderful doll’s tiny diamond ring has disappeared! The inhabitants of the gorgeous dollhouse unite to investigate who could have hidden the matchless gem and where is it. Players control eight dolls to search through every corner of …

Carrot Yard


A Thief Bunny Adventure

Reckless rabbit rascals penetrate the Carrot Yard famous of its giant carrots. The rabbits are trying to loot as many carrots as they can, competing with each other. But their hardest challenge is to avoid the …

Underground Panic

Underground Panic


The water’s coming! The tiny gophers are rushing headlong to reach the surface before the water floods their burrows. Alas, the only escape is through some old feed holes no longer in use, all filled up by the wind …