The Way to the Peace of Eisenburg

In 1664 a historic battle took place between the allied European forces and the expanding Ottoman Empire near St. Gotthard and the village of Mogersdorf. The battle, where the Turkish forces suffered a …

Car Race


This game is for children who are already familiar with numbers (between 1-10). The unique feature of the board is the choice of alternative paths which may speed up – or slow down – progress. The length of the game …

Destination: Treasure Island

Irány a kincses sziget

A few pirate ships set out to sea to be the first to reach Treasure Island, based on the indications of an old map. The real winner will be the one who scores best in the various challenges on the …



Adventures on a Space Station

The Venus expedition, launched by major industrial powers of the Earth, has failed. Experiments carried out on the planet have proved that exploiting and transporting minerals from there would not be economically viable. Upon a …

Underground Panic

Underground Panic


The water’s coming! The tiny gophers are rushing headlong to reach the surface before the water floods their burrows. Alas, the only escape is through some old feed holes no longer in use, all filled up by the wind …