Barikarám (Sheepdogs)

Family game

Publisher: Keller&Mayer (2021)

Players: 2-4

Playing time: 20-30 mins

Age: 7+


A family game that even children can learn easily.  Players act as sheepdogs whose goal is to gather the dispersed flock into the sheep pen, but while doing so, they must keep out intruders. The winner is the player who gathers the most sheep (and points) in the pen. 

Each player has a personal board, with the sheep pen in the center. The game includes a pack of tiles showing groups of sheep or some other characters, such as a fox, a wolf, a hen or the farmer.

The goal is to push as many sheep as possible into the pen while keeping every other creature outside. The game has 3 optional modules, which can be integrated into the gameplay either individually or together to enhance the challenge. The black sheep, if remains in the pen, earns points for the opponents. Trees block some of the spaces. The roosters can help move the worthless hens out of the way.