strategic game

Játékosok száma: 2 vagy 4

Játékidő: 120 minutes

Ajánlott életkor: 12+


The Way to the Peace of Eisenburg

In 1664 a historic battle took place between the allied European forces and the expanding Ottoman Empire near St. Gotthard and the village of Mogersdorf. The battle, where the Turkish forces suffered a devastating defeat, opened up the way to the Peace of Eisenburg putting an end to a long period of threat all over Europe.

This remarkable board game was born to commemorate the momentous battle. Although a genuine wargame, it is an unparalleled eurogame incorporating abstract strategy elements. This unique combination makes it enjoyable even to those players who are not comfortable with similar games involving high level of randomness. The number of players can be 2 or 4; in the latter case, gameplay switches to an exciting semi-cooperative, allied mode. Gameplay is based on strategy, luck factor is reduced to absolute zero. Players control their armies by command cards, and a unique deck-building mechanic allows them to develop their own fighting tactics. The objective is two-fold: victory points are earned both by combat and area control.

The basic version of the game contains the components of the battle of St. Gotthard setup, however, the modular design of the board allows unlimited terrain layout.