Roundforest – Fairy Tales, Wonders and Magic

family game

Publisher: Piatnik (2020)

Players: 2 - 4

Playing time: 60 minutes

Age: 8+


Four poor boys set off to compete for the favour of the beautiful princess. But her unyielding father, the king, will allow only that man to have his daughter for a wife who brings her the emerald ring of the spirit of the famous Roundforest. The spirit, who is hiding in the forest, is willing to part from the ring for 3 golden apples on one condition: he will only give it to a person who is free of debt or unfulfilled promises.

The poor boys enter the forest and they soon realise its peculiarities. First, all clearings in the forest rotate! Whenever they step on a clearing, it makes a quadrant turn clockwise. Second, they discover miraculous water wells that can convert objects into something else. What’s more, the forest is by no means unpopulated! Wandering around they encounter various creatures, such as a magic horse, the giants’ smith, a witch, a beggar, a wealthy merchant, a puzzled sculptor, a bandit – or even the Devil itself. Some of these creatures will ask for help or even assist the player, as the case may be, while others are menacing. The only true supporter is the Green Fairy, but even she asks for a few thalers for her services.