Underground Panic

Semi-cooperative strategy race game

Publisher: Piatnik (2019)

Players: 2 - 4

Playing time: 45 minutes

Age: 8+



The water’s coming! The tiny gophers are rushing headlong to reach the surface before the water floods their burrows. Alas, the only escape is through some old feed holes no longer in use, all filled up by the wind with drifting dust and litter. But there are still some remnants of the things they once hoarded there, such as acorns and berries and other stuff that might come in useful. Join your forces to rescue the gopher family in peril and help them recover most of the underground treasure in their cheek poaches! Hurry up, get to the open air before all the tunnels are flooded! But keep an eye on the others too, because if a gopher gets injured, everybody suffers!

Your collective goal is to lead all the gophers through the tunnels to safety before the water floods their dwelling, and collect as many crops as possible during the flight. Players have no pawns of their own; they can move any of the gophers in their turn. The game ends when all the gophers have escaped from the burrow. However, bear in mind that being the first is not enough to win! You will be rewarded for speed, but the game is continued until there are any gophers under the ground. The player who collects the most victory points wins the game.