Társasház (Condo)

deduction party game

Publisher: Keller & Mayer

Players: 3 - 5

Playing time: 40 minutes

Age: 10+


Investigation in a Nest of Crime

The city struggles with an increasing number of criminal cases. The police are powerless against all the pick-pocketing, bicycle thefts, street mugging and other wrongdoing going on. There are very few clues to follow, yet, strangely, these all point to one particular location: a block of flats downtown. Could it be that this building is a crime den, where all sorts of crooks live? If so, are all their neighbours covering for them? Or are they willing to cooperate with the police only to avert suspicion from their own foul play? Let’s find out!

The metropolitan police are deploying young, ambitious detectives in this dangerous case; their task is to identify the hiding crooks, based on a description. They call on the tenants and ask them for sensitive information – but only about their neighbours, not about themselves! The detective who is smart enough to ask the right questions and make the right deductions will be the first to reveal the requested person’s identity and be awarded accordingly.