Rumini – Hajónapló (The Logbook)

Family game

Publisher: Pagony (2021)

Players: 2-6

Playing time: 20 minutes

Age: 8+


In the year of its release, the game was awarded the Game of the Nation 2021 (Ország Játéka) prize in family & party category, as well as the JEM Board Game Award (JEM Társasjáték Díj) in national development category by prominent Hungarian board gaming magazine JEM.

Rumini – Hajónapló (The Logbook) is a quick and thrilling card game which brings to life the adventures of Rumini and his friends from the popular storybook series. The game includes 32 scene cards, featuring some of the main characters from the book. But only 8 of these cards are used in each game; these are selected by the players using a secret drafting method, so nobody knows exactly which cards will be part of the set.

Players are dealt character cards of lower or higher value. Each round, a scene card is flipped over. Players can play a card to the corresponding scenes in which the specific character appears. But choosing the right moment is crucial because character cards become more valuable in the later rounds! The question is whether there will be another matching scene coming up later! Otherwise, players risk penalty points for cards remaining in their hand at the end of the game. The winner will be the player with the highest score – ultimately the one who is most successful in playing the right cards at right moment.