Strategy game

Publisher: Private Moon Studios (2023)

Players: 2-4

Playing time: 90

Age: 12+


Cuvée is an action drafting strategy game. It is highly themed, and illustrates the operation of a winery quite well. You start with two basic vineyards and your goal is to grow your businesses into a world-class winery. The player with the most prestige points wins.

The game covers a period of 6 years in 6 rounds, each year consisting of 5 seasons. Multiple actions are available in every season; players begin by selecting their preferences and this decision determines the course of the entire round (year).

The round progresses from season to season. You will optimize grape production to improve quality and meet the demand, and use a special process to blend your wines and create high-quality cuvées.  To be successful, you must prepare for the forces of nature, introduced by weather cards, and do your best to mitigate damages by preventive measures. You can also expand your facilities: enlarge your cellar, build and run wine houses, restaurants or guesthouses, and make sure they are supplied with enough wine and that the workers are paid.

You will sell your wines on the local and international markets at a price based on quality and demand, and you can participate in annual wine-rating contests, as award-winning wines sell for a higher price. You may also trade with wholesalers, or utilize the options offered by various event cards, such as a loan, a grant, promotion, and much more.

The game’s official page on the publisher’s website:
Private Moon Studios