Family game

Publisher: Private Moon Studios (2024)

Players: 2-4

Playing time: 75 min

Age: 10+


Playing as a local stable boy who works in the Caravanserai, you have the privilege of being allowed into the restricted inner courtyard. This opens up a unique opportunity for you to make some money by doing your own business with the travellers, and acquiring the merchandise much sought after by local traders outside, who have no access to the area.

Your starting resources are modest and you should use them wisely. Sometimes you will need to borrow money to carry out your actions, but supplying the local traders with the goods they want, you should earn enough to invest more, in addition to paying off your debt. The first player to accumulate 32 dirhams triggers the final round of the game, but the player with the most savings wins.

Caravanserai is an easy-to-learn trading and resource management game that is fun for the whole family. It involves sufficient luck factor to help beginners catch up, but it is also a fairly strong strategic and tactical challenge.

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