BUDA – Merchants in The Golden Ages

Strategy game

Publisher: PROTOTYPE

Players: 2 - 4

Playing time: 45 mins

Age: 12+


1470, Buda – Kingdom of Hungary. The head of a wealthy merchant family is taken seriously ill. Time has come for him to pass the torch to one of his sons. He says to them, „Go and try each of you to become the most successful and most famous merchant in town, and he who proves to be the best in the course of one week, shall inherit my wealth”.

The merchants use their action points to visit the buildings where they can purchase and deliver goods or take orders. They can also invest in the trade of craftsmen or in the management of estates that supply materials, and obtain exclusive commercial rights to their products in turn. They can make donations, seek grants, borrow, or even go to the black market. Trading ships arrive on the river Danube on certain days of the week and unload the goods previously ordered.

The merchants can also rely on the supply of the town market, which is open three times a week, as well as on the changing demand of the caravan. As their reputation increases, they make the acquaintance of some influential people and potential patrons.