strategy game

Publisher: PROTOTYPE

Players: 2 - 4

Playing time: 50 - 80 minutes

Age: 10+


Adventures on a Space Station

The Venus expedition, launched by major industrial powers of the Earth, has failed. Experiments carried out on the planet have proved that exploiting and transporting minerals from there would not be economically viable. Upon a recent decision, the surface research base is being wound up and the robots are to be left abandoned on the unpopulated planet. The smart machines are now facing inevitable decay. Their developers, however, decide not to let this happen and they launch a rescue operation. In the last minute, they program their robots to pick up and use the parts scattered around the station to make the transport rockets operational, and return to Earth. Whoever is the quickest, will also win the race of nations.

In Robotask, players control their robots with command cards; all robots differ in character but have similar capabilities. The robots’ movements can be altered by various modifiers. Parts are collected through a series of optional actions, but as the robots explore the area, these options will narrow. Moreover, the pre-programmed movements are often blocked by the other robots and various objects. Some tools can be converted and this opens up countless opportunities.